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Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg St Biotechnology

Product Description: Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg St Biotechnology

Experience the ultimate tanning solution with Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg by St Biotechnology. This revolutionary product is designed to provide you with a natural and long-lasting tan, while offering a range of additional benefits for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. With its potent formula and exceptional quality, Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg is the go-to choice for those seeking a beautiful bronzed glow.

Specific Details and Characteristics

  • Contains 20mg of Melanotan II
  • Formulated with sea water for enhanced absorption
  • Premium quality product by St Biotechnology
  • Designed to stimulate melanin production for a deep, natural tan
  • Offers additional benefits for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts


By using Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg, you can enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Accelerates the tanning process for a faster and more even tan
  • Enhances skin pigmentation, resulting in a deep and natural-looking tan
  • Reduces the risk of sunburn and skin damage
  • Increases libido and sexual arousal
  • Suppresses appetite, aiding in weight management
  • Promotes lean muscle growth and aids in recovery

Possible Side Effects

While Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg is generally well-tolerated, it is important to be aware of potential side effects:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Facial flushing
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Darkening of existing moles
  • Increased freckles

Correct Usage and Dosage

To achieve optimal results, follow these guidelines:

  • Start with a low dosage of 0.25mg to assess tolerance
  • Gradually increase the dosage to 0.5mg per day
  • Administer the product subcutaneously using a sterile needle
  • Inject the solution into fatty tissue, such as the abdomen or thigh
  • For best results, use Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg daily for 2-3 weeks

Indications and Contraindications

Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg is indicated for individuals who desire a natural-looking tan and wish to experience the additional benefits it offers. However, it is important to note the following contraindications:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • History of melanoma or other skin cancers
  • Known hypersensitivity to Melanotan II or any of its ingredients
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure

Value and Why Buy from

When you purchase Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg from our website,, you can expect:

  • Authentic and high-quality products
  • Discreet packaging and secure shipping
  • Competitive prices and special offers
  • Responsive customer support
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to achieve a stunning tan and experience the additional benefits of Melanotan II Sea Water 20mg. Order now from and take your tanning game to the next level!

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